Earth Day 2022

Earth Day may be 22nd April but here at Denman we think of every day as Earth Day and are committed to doing whatever we can to reduce waste, run an eco-friendly business and promote the responsible use of plastics.

Being a global leading hairbrush company, plastics are a key component in our manufacturing but by using our valuable insight into plastics we can look for alternatives to single use plastics and where possible replace them with better materials or removing them altogether.  Meaning in 2020, the new Denman 100% fully recyclable, sustainable packaging was launched into all professional hairdressing and consumer markets globally. And given the huge number of Denman products sold in over 60 countries worldwide; this will result in a significant reduction in plastics going to landfill.

Our brushes may be manufactured to the highest quality and durability but the Denman Factory in Bangor, Northern Ireland, has implemented production methods and systems that greatly reduce wastage and increase the recycling of scrap parts, re-grinding and re-working them into new products to create as little waste as possible. Creating a brush from the regrinding of used PPE masks is the latest project that Denman is involved in, to make sure the extra masks needed to protect people from covid-19 don’t make a big impact on our environment.

Denman is also collaborating with other hairbrush manufacturers to make sure we are all doing our best to focus on recycling and the best use of materials for our Planet.

Other ways Denman is making a difference is by partnering with Plastic Bank to stop ocean plastics while improving the lives of impoverished communities. 



And don’t forget to do your bit by recycling your Denman hairbrushes responsibly.