With Denman’s valuable insight into plastics, we are in the driving seat when it comes to how they can best be used, best recycled and best avoided.

Our hairbrushes and combs are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and therefore the durability and performance can last a lifetime. On the other hand, single-use plastics are by their very nature wasteful, and so in 2020, we launched our Denman 100% fully recyclable, sustainable packaging into professional and retail markets in over 60 countries worldwide. Given the huge number of products sold globally, this will result in a significant reduction in plastics going to landfill.

Plastic Bank Collaboration
Denman is proud to partner with Plastic Bank to stop ocean plastics while improving the lives of impoverished communities. When you choose Denman, you support the prevention of over 45 metric tons of plastics from entering the ocean. Plastic Bank members receive a premium from the plastics materials they collect, which helps them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Learn more at plasticbank.com
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Recyclable Denman Brushes
Did you know that several Denman brushes are fully recyclable? When it comes to the iconic original stylers (D14, D3, D4, D31) and D6 Be Bop Handy detangler, these brushes can easily be recycled in the household plastics recycling bin. It couldn’t be simpler! You can then use your brand-new Denman brush knowing you’ve responsibly disposed of your old one and it’s going on to have another life.
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Finding a way of turning the environmental burden of PPE waste into a manufacturing resource is top of the Denroy Group agenda. We are exploring options on how best to recycle used masks; and prototype brushes and combs are currently undergoing testing with the team of Denman Global Ambassadors.
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Denman’s Sustainability Journey
Denman pledges a commitment to reducing waste, running an eco-friendly business and promoting responsible use of plastics
The Sustainability Pledge initiative is launched
Denman factory implement production methods and systems to greatly reduce wastage and increase recycling of scrap parts
100% fully recyclable packaging hits the market, removing all single-use plastic packaging
Plastic Bank partnership is established to stop ocean plastics whilst improving the livelihood of impoverished communities
Denman lead the way in collaborating with other major hairbrush manufacturers to create a more sustainable approach to the hairdressing industry
Ground-breaking PPE Recycling initiative is underway to convert PPE waste into useful products
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