When Covid-19 hit, Denman’s sister company DenPro worked hard and fast to begin manufacturing FFP3 masks to help keep people as safe as possible against the imminent threat of the virus.

The FFP3 masks were necessary to stop transmission but with around 53 million single-use face masks being used in the UK each day at the height of the pandemic, they are now exploring options to convert an environmental burden into a manufacturing resource.

Denman committed to reducing waste, running an eco-friendly business and promoting responsible use of plastics to lessen the environmental impact. 

More than most hairdressing companies, Denman has valuable insight into plastics; how they can be best used, best recycled and best avoided. The hairbrushes and combs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and therefore the durability and performance can last a lifetime.

Prototype mask brushes and combs are currently undergoing testing with the team of Denman Global Ambassadors to ensure product quality and performance is maintained.

Denman is looking forward to sharing more eco success stories in the near future.