Balayage Kit

Balayage Kit

Balayage Kit

Designed by international colour expert Jack Howard, the new range of Precision Colouring tools by Denman have been created to enhance and further the work of the serious colour technician.

  • Small brush – for detailing and micro-Balayage
  • Medium brush – for classic Balayage, re-touching and highlights
  • Large brush – for panel colouring, pasting and glazing.
  • Mixing brush – exclusively to be used for mixing and preparing colour - NOT FOR APPLICATION
  • Balayage Board - the smooth side is a palette for colour blending while the textured side is designed to securely hold sections of hair for detail colouring

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Colour: Black

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Our Technology
For the first time the simple tint brush has been re-thought and re-designed as a precision tool. This new patented tint brush design incorporates ‘Temple Technology’ where high-quality synthetic bristle is angled to create a narrow and long-lasting tip for detailed and precise colour application. The bristle length and angled design enables the brush to hold just the right amount of colour without overloading or reducing the precision edge.
How To Use
• Designed using Temple Technology the bristles are distinctly angled tapering to a point to aid precision and accuracy of colour application.
• Bristles are ideal length for perfect strokes and optimum capacity for holding and coverage of colour.
• Versatile bristle design allows for all techniques from a root application to freehand detailed stokes
• The ideal texture and suppleness of bristle strands for smooth even coverage of colour.
• The unique bristle design saves time by allowing smooth and accurate colour placement and minimises wastage of colour product through smooth application.

• Aids clean and smooth colour application with ease
• Ambidextrous symmetry fits right and left hand
• Ideal weight for comfort throughout application process
• perfect length of handle

Perfect for:
• Detailing
• Micro-Balayage
• Classic Balayage
• Re-touching
• Highlights
• Panel colouring
• Pasting
• Glazing.
• Blending
• Detail colouring
Caring For Your Brush
• Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.
• Carefully washed looked after bristles maintain their shape with minimum splaying and shedding
• Do not use precision colouring tools for mixing or preparing colour