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Brushing our hair is second nature by the time we are adults and just like brushing our teeth, it is important to establish these good habits into our daily routine as early as possible.  This is not just to keep our hair looking good and detangled, there are so many other benefits to brushing our hair that have nothing to do with hair. 

So whether your baby is born with a thick head of hair or with hardly any hair at all, here are a few reasons why using a baby brush is invaluable.



Brushing your baby’s scalp stimulates blood flow and increases circulation to the follicles which encourages healthy hair growth. It can also help reduce cradle cap or the chances of developing it, as it helps reduce dry skin on the scalp.

Every parent knows a bedtime routine is really important to establish.  A warm bath is a great way to help your baby unwind and get ready for bed and by adding in the relaxing action of brushing their hair, this extra contact and bonding time will continue to support your baby’s development and may help them sleep more soundly.  Once their hair has dried naturally, this calming and repetitive action only needs to be for a few minutes but could help flood their brain with chemicals to help them relax.

If your baby is fussy before naps or throughout the day, a brief hair brushing may calm them down and soothe them as it could help trigger a nervous system response that relaxes them and when babies are relaxed they can function better and learn better, keeping them more focused and benefiting them hugely in the long run.

The Denman baby brush has the softest bristles which are perfect for baby’s delicate skin.  The petite design and handle size is perfect for tiny hands to hold and eventually will make it easier for them to learn to do it for themselves. And the gender neutral grey pad means you can buy it ahead of the arrival if the parents have chosen to keep it a surprise.

This precious gift is made with love and comes in a beautiful box which has been designed, along with the brush, by the artist James Baker and is as adorable as its newborn owner. 

So, whether it is for your own new arrival or the arrival of someone else’s bundle of joy; for the hospital bag, baby shower or their first birthday, this timeless present will be cherished for years to come and like all Denman hairbrushes, it is made to the highest quality so will withstand baby’s enthusiasm when doubled up as a drum stick or teething toy.



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