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Never Underestimate The Power of a Good Haircut!



Fashion is a form of self-expression.  It follows trends.  But style is timeless and it’s not just about your clothes. Yes, a good suit or a great pair of shoes can make you look good but when you get your hair right, you can wear anything and still look stylish.


Traditionally women are known for caring more about their hairstyles but the only difference between men and women’s hair is the effort they are willing to put in to maintain their luscious locks. 

Regular trips to the salon are essential for keeping your hair healthy and as men’s hair doesn’t just grow on their head it is important to groom those hard to reach places like the back of the neck, bushy brows and even the ears.

2023 sees hairstyles like Temple fade, Undercut, Hi-top fade, Buzz cut, Crew cut, Pompadour, Caesar Cut, quiff, slicked back or long wavy hair.

 But, no matter how good a haircut it is, you need the right tools to style it when you get home. 

Know your hair to find your brush!

 It is important to identify which hair type you have so you know which products are best to condition your hair and keep it healthy. 

Tips like tee tree oil for dry hair and mint menthol for oily hair are really helpful but once you know your hair, you can also find the best brush to manage your mane.

This range of Denman and Jack Dean brushes will make sure you keep looking sharp until your next salon trip.


The D3 Original Styler 7 Row is great for short haired men who want their hair to appear slightly thicker. 

It adds definition to curls and detangles thicker, textured hair.

Perfect for blow-drying, this brush is also great for medium to long hair.

So if you like changing your hairstyle but don’t want to change your brush, this brush is as versatile as your looks.


The D200 Skeleton Vent adds root lift while speeding up your blow-drying time. 

It is lightweight for carrying around, so perfect to pop in your gym bag.


The D6 Original Be Bop is great in the shower.  Shampooing 2-3 times a week is plenty to prevent stripping the hair of it’s natural oils but it is important to use a good conditioner every day to minimise tangles and split ends and prevent breakage so the D6 is great at distributing the conditioner to the ends of the hair.

Its flexible pins help to stimulate while massaging the scalp which promotes hair growth. 

It also detangles and is great as a beard brush!

The D25 can create volume and definition and is great for sectioning hair.  The wide teeth make it good for both wet and dry detangling.




The combs are ideal for on-the-go styling as they are compact for travelling.  The round-ended teeth make sure you enjoy damage free styling.



The Pompadour comb has a unique comb design for separating and creating lines in the hair, giving that slick and distinct Pompadour finish.




The Club Brush has natural bristles which work with your hair's own oils to create gloss and shine.  They gloss over the hair’s cuticle for a smoother look but with nylon pins adding stiffness it is also great for grooming coarser hair types.


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