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Ariel may have been slightly misguided by her seagull friend Scuttle, who led her to believe that Humans use a fork to style their hair.

According to Scuttle “you just give it a little twirl, a little yank and you might get some pieces with it”. But we all know with a Denman hairbrush there is no yanking and no hair painfully being pulled out of your head.


Let’s be honest, with hair this good, I am sure Prince Eric has a Denman brush onboard... once she gets on land it won’t be long until Ariel discovers brushing her hair could actually be as fun as bouncing on a bed of jellyfish.

Once she knows this, she will go in search of the perfect Denman.  So to help her feel more at home on land and close to the ocean and all her friends, Denman have their deluxe jellyfish brushes that we think she’ll love.


The D90L jellyfish brush is perfect for wet and dry detangling so ideal for Ariel whether she’s under the sea or on land. 

But if she wants to add heat and blow-dry her hair then the D3 is the ultimate brush for styling and curl definition.

They both have scratch proof prints which are durable and wrap fully round the brush to give them a stunning finish. 

 So if, like The Little Mermaid, you want to be where the people are then don’t let your dreams stay just dreams and listen to Sebastian when he says “You got your own style now let it come through and remember no matter what, you got to be you.”

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