This summer's most sought-after hairstyle is the Chelsea Blow-Dry <3 With Kate Middleton and Kim Sears looking on-trend, why not create your very own beautiful Chelsea Blow-Dry with our simple Denman step-by-step guide? Using the Denman Head Hugger hourglass shaped brushes and D91 Backcomber, your hair will certainly look fabulous!

Made famous by the Duchess of Cambridge and Kim Sears, the Chelsea blow-dry has quickly become the most sought-after summer hairdo since being sported at Wimbledon.

Chelsea Blow-Dry

Denman show you the best brushes to use and some top tips for how to achieve this in your own home.

1. First, wash and towel dry your hair.

2. Then add a “thicken and lift” spray to the hair while still damp.

Denman Head Huggers
3. Using the Denman Head Huggers, blow-dry your hair down and forward with the hairdryer at the highest setting. When the ends are turned under the brush, simply wrap hair around the ceramic-coated, heat-retaining barrel and leave to cool to give your hair and extra bounce.
Denman D91 Backcomber
4. To get extra volume, you will want to backcomb your roots. Use a dry shampoo to make the roots slightly gritty which will help hold the volume. Use the Denman D91 Backcomber in circular motions down towards the root, up and back down again. Remember not to brush the hair out but smooth the top.

Chelsea Blow-Dry

5. Finally, add a good quality hairspray to keep your hairstyle in place all day. Spray under the hair also to keep moisture from flattening the style.

And voila, you’re ready to make an impact at those summer parties!