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FEELS LIKE SUMMER - Denman Summer Hair Care Tips!

Blue Pool Party Paddle Detangling Brush


 Sun, sea and sand can make us feel relaxed and at our best but our hair is less of a fan.  The extra heat, salty water and texture of the sand all add up to some extra TLC needed to keep our hair looking and feeling as healthy as we do.

 African American girl with Curly Hair with Shower Brush and Scalp Massager

The D6 brush is the perfect holiday companion.  It is compact so can come with you anywhere and is the ultimate shower buddy.  Extra care in conditioning your hair is easy using the D6 in the shower, to fully brush through the conditioner, making sure it reaches the end of the hair with no breakage.  The added bonus of a scalp massage will stimulate the follicles and help any dry skin or sun burn on the scalp.

Purple Hair Brushed with Denman D90L Deluxe JellyFish Tangle Tamer Ultra Paddle Hair Brush

With the heat from the sun you can take it easy in the mornings and let your hair dry naturally, giving it that simple, summer, stress free look.  Using the D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra can make sure you have a tangle free start to your day and adding air dry styling mousse will help to make it feel styled with minimum effort.


Start your day with a bouncy blow dry using the DHH Head Huggers.  Give your hair life and lift, then give it a spray and it will last all day.


If straight and sleek is more your thing try pairing the D3 Original Styler with a straightening iron and have the confidence to go through your day looking silky and chic.


 Blonde Woman With Two Dutch Braids

But with long days going effortlessly into evenings we want our hair to do the same. Braids are a great hairstyle to last all day and see you from a fun day on the beach to a classy evening out for dinner and on to the club.

 Blonde Woman Sectioning Hair with Denman D91 Backcomber Hair Brush in White


The great thing about styling your hair in the morning is that it is ready for whatever you choose to do with it throughout the day.  A top knot, sleek ponytail, half up etc.  The slimline D91 Backcomber is easy to carry and can add texture and volume to a style to give it that real party vibe that you want and need for a fantastic night out.  The precision of the sectioning end helps sculpt the perfect ponytail and the brush backcombs all styles to new heights.

Brunette with Bubby Pins in V shape Around Crown of Head


Holiday hack - keeping no-slip bobby pins in your bag can really level up a look.  You can hide hair ties by securing hair around it with a bobby pin, you can add lift to your ponytail by facing a bobby pin downward into the elastic or you can create hair art using a handful of pins to decorate your style with all sorts of shapes and patterns.

 African American Woman With Bobby Pins on Side of Head

So keep that summer feeling, no matter the weather. 

Add the sunshine with Denman.

Blue Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Paddle Brush on Bed of Oranges

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