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Hair Goals Explained - What Does Detangle, Style, Finish Actually Mean?


There are three steps to #achieveyourhairgoals with the award winning Denman.


Denman is more than just a hairbrush so whatever style you want to achieve, Denman has the brush to help you correct, create and complete your look.

First - Detangle

It is so important to detangle your hair to keep it healthy and easy to maintain. 

Always brush the hair from the bottom up. 

Regular scalp massages will also encourage hair regrowth.

Denman has plenty of detangling brushes which are expertly designed for specific jobs to help all hair types.

D6, D38, D38P, D90, D90L, D93M, D94L




 Second - Style

 Creating your look is the fun part.  The endless possibilities.

But styling at home can be tricky without the right tools.  Let your creativity flow using the right Denman tools for creating and defining curls, boosting waves, blow-drying, smoothing and adding volume.

Denman has the perfect brush for all your hair goals.

D3, D4, D14, D31, D83, D84, D200, D70'S, D71, D300, DHH, DHHRG

Third - Finish

Never underestimate the power of finishing touches to complete your hair!

These Denman brushes can elevate your look to iconic status by smoothing, adding shine and creating those stunning up-do hairstyles.

D79D81M, D82M, D91, D92 


There’s hairbrushes and then there’s Denman!

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