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Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unlikely places and just by eating a packet of crisps you could make a difference to someone in need.

The packaging from a packet of crisps can take up to eight decades to decompose once it ends up in the landfill but by repurposing it, the crisp packet project have come up with a way to turn those salty snacks into more than just calories. 

It takes 44 packets of crisps to create a waterproof blanket which can keep people warm, reduce waste and make an environmental impact, so it really is a no brainer.

The Nicholas Graham Aveda Salon in Bangor have been collecting crisp packets from the public, schools and colleges and the team took part in a workshop making the survival blankets, giving new life to one use plastics. Andrea, an entrepreneur and interior designer with her own company ‘Born Under A Lucky Star’, taught the hairdressers how to put their scissors to another use and create these survival blankets and paired them with other essential items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand warmers, deodorant, hats and gloves etc. 

Denman are always looking for ways to help others so we were quick to donate Denman Hairbrushes to be included in these kits. They were then dropped off at the Simon Community in Belfast & directly given to people in need.

If you would like to get involved you can bring your empty, washed crisp packets to the Nicholas Graham Salon, your local CPP group or post them directly to the CPP Headquarters in Hastings.  Any packets that can’t be used will be recycled with Terracycle.

Alternatively you can learn how to make your own blankets and other products on the CPP website 

Together we can help make a difference.

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