Sustainability Alliance Breaks New Ground in Corporate Co-operation.

Denman International is a founding member of an
unprecedented alliance of tool manufacturers and brands committed to building stronger industry wide commitment to improving sustainable practices. Denman recently co-founded the Hairstyling Tool Collective with Olivia Garden and the senior teams of each company drew up a charter that defines six clear sustainability aims for the hair tool industry. The flagship charter has already attracted interest from hair tool manufacturers and brands throughout the industry.

The HTC endeavours to lessen the environmental impact and
increase the sustainability of hair tool products with members committing to
help bring greater sustainability to the daily lives of hair professionals. The
charter has defined six shared objectives, with measurable commitments that aim
to have a positive impact on the wider hair industry. The founding Charter was
officially signed by Dr John Rainey MBE, Chairman Denman International and Nadia
Grégoire, Brand Partnership Lead of Olivia Garden Europe. The six objectives of
the HTC charter are:

  1. Promoting sustainable products - We commit to developing and offering more sustainable products and continuously striving to reduce our ecological footprint throughout the lifecycle of our products.

  2. Encouraging responsible manufacturing practices - We will adopt eco-responsible manufacturing practices, aiming to minimise waste, optimise the use of natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will also promote a circular economy by advocating for the reuse and recycling of our products.

  3. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions - We recognise the importance of measuring and monitoring our greenhouse gas emissions. By understanding our carbon footprint, we can identify opportunities to mitigate our impact and contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.

  4. Raising awareness and training hairdressers - We pledge to provide information and training on sustainable practices to hairdressers.

  5. Collaboration and knowledge sharing - We recognise the importance of collaboration among hairdressing industry companies to achieve our common goals. We will foster the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and resources, and encourage partnerships with other stakeholders committed to sustainability.

  6. Transparency and accountability - We will be transparant about our actions and progress in sustainability. We commit to measuring, monitoring, and regularly reporting our environmental, social and economic performance.

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