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Wednesday's Guide to Detangle, Style & Finish over Halloween

1 Gothic Glamour Printed Hair Comb Brushes, 2 Hair Brush

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe!”

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Netflix

 With the smell of Pumpkin spice in the air, Halloween must be around the corner And there is no better cover girl for halloween than Wednesday Addams herself.   Her iconic black plaits and fringe can only be the result of a strict haircare routine, made easy with Denman.


 Wednesday Netflix Series - School Pupils in School Yard

The second series of Wednesday is on its way and with all the fantastic hairstyles featured in series one we just had to show you the Gothic Glamour themed brushes, which are perfect for this spooky season.

This supernatural series would not be complete without scorpions, snakes and carnivorous orchids and no matter what scrapes she gets herself into there is no doubt that Wednesday must be using a Denman to Detangle, Style and Finish.

 Nero The Scorpion Grave from Wednesday Netflix Series

Nero, the scorpion, may be the reason Wednesday doesn’t cry anymore but the D81M scorpion brush will put a smile on her face when she sees the sleek finish and shine of her classic black hair updos.

The Nevermore academy gorgon students must wear their beanies at all times to prevent turning people to stone but this D38 snake skinned Denman Detangler feels like the perfect gift for Enid to remind her of Ajax. 


The Denman Deluxe brushes have premium & on-trend scratch proof, durable, full wrap prints so she doesn’t have to worry about her sharp Werewolf nails.

Our antiheroine may have more of an affinity with the ‘Ghost orchid’ than she thinks.  She describes the carnivorous dendrophylax lindenii as having “resilience and adaptability. it’s able to thrive in even the most hostile environments” which is a great description of Wednesday herself.  So the Deluxe Orchid Detangling Comb is a great design to remind her of how resilient she can be and help her thrive.


So trick or treat yourself to a gothic design and, like Wednesday, start thinking

“Every day is all about me!”


Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

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