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Line Of Duty - Denman Investigates Best Brushes To The Letter Of The Law

After the series finale, it seems AC-12 really did do their duty to the letter of the law - and that letter was H!!

But there is one question they definately didn’t answer.

Filmed in Northern Ireland and with talk of Hastings floating up the lagan in a bubble, does the team use local Denman brushes to help them get ready for duty?

Line Of Duty - Filming in Northern Ireland (Home of Denman Brushes)

We have opened an investigation into which brushes Denman would suggest as prime suspects for each individual and hope to use a CHIS to gather enough evidence to wrap this case up because there is only one thing we care about and that is the best brushes!

Superintendent Ted Hastings

Superintendent Ted Hastings - Short, straight hair but with plenty of volume, my suspicions strongly suggest that Ted would be partial to a Denman D200 Skeleton Vent Brush.  Nice and gentle on his scalp with the ball ended pins, this brush keeps that added volume throughout his shift.

DS Steve Arnott 

DS Steve Arnott - Heavily connected to the Denman D6 Be-Bop Handy Detangler. With his back pain, this brush is perfect for use in the shower and to keep his short style in check.

 DI Kate Fleming

DI Kate Fleming - Always on the go, DI Fleming doesn’t have time for a long beauty routine in the morning so she must keep this Denman D7 Compact Popper brush in her trench coat pocket for a quick tidy up before interrogating any witnesses.

 DCI Jo Davidson

DCI Jo Davidson - Suspiciously sporting that beach wave look, Jo would benefit from the Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra before bed to keep those waves at bay and to help her transform her hair into the professional police bun.

DCS Patricia Carmichael 

DCS Patricia Carmichael - Someone who is always guilty of pristine up-dos is clearly using the Denman D82M Finisher to add that smooth finish and shine.  Professional to a tee.

 DSU Ian Buckells

DSU Ian Buckells - To get those corrupt curls so crisp there is no doubt Buckells will be giving them some definition with the Denman D73 Gentle Curling brush.  Definately the perfect brush for him.

 DS Chris Lomax

DS Chris Lomax - With that approachable, relaxed yet professional look DS Lomax has got to be using the Denman D12 Detangle & Tease comb for the perfect finish.

 DC Chloe Bishop

DC Chloe Bishop - The woman who single-handedly solves the AC-12 puzzles will surely know the best brush to define and revolutionise her curls.  Chloe clearly uses a Denman D4 Original Styler 9 Row to make her curls so perfect.

 PC Ryan Pilkington

PC Ryan Pilkington - Making his debut at 12 years old, this crooked cop has been enjoying keeping his tangles at bay since he was a fan of the Rubix cube.  Used to sorting out OCG tangles, he knows he can rely on the Denman D90 Tangle Tamer Ultra Mini Cube to keep his hair from becoming corrupt.

 Amanda Yao

Amanda Yao - Fighting cyber-crime head on, Amanda needs the gentle touch for her straight, fine hair.  Soft on the scalp, the Denman D93M Tangle Tamer Gentle brush can detangle her hair while she catches those cyber criminals.

 Sergeant Farida Jatri

Sergeant Farida Jatri - a true professional with good instincts, Farida can stay classic with the Denman D3 Original Styler 7 row brush. Great for blow-drying hair and creating up-do styles to keep her sharp on the job.

Gail Vella 

Gail Vella - Before her untimely and heartbreaking death, this powerhouse of a reporter would surely have been using the Denman D38 Power Paddle for her gorgeous curls. 

 Steph Corbett

Steph Corbett - She could never know when DS Arnott would next stop by so to make sure she always looked her best she must be using the Denman D83 Paddle brush on her lovely long locks.

 The Wee Donkey

And the wee donkey - A wee brush for a wee donkey.  The Denman Mini Keyring brush may seem small but it is mighty and would be perfect for this purpose while Jesus, Mary and Joseph are busy.


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