BD22 Master Waver

BD22 Master Waver

BD22 Master Waver

  • Black Diamond Master Waver
  • Heat and chemical resistant comb
  • super-smooth teeth for minimal drag and friction
  • UK Made

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Colour: Black

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Product Features
Manufactured in the UK by Denman, Black Diamond combs are a more durable alternative to hard rubber combs. Strong, flexible and with great heat and chemical resistance, the combs do not get brittle with age like some hard rubber combs. Super-smooth teeth are created to prevent drag or friction.

What does it do?
• Our master waver has two sets of teeth. The wide spaced teeth are perfect for detangling and styling. The narrow-spaced teeth smooth and set the style

What is it best for?
• Detangling, Styling and Smoothing

How does it work?
• Dual-tension teeth provide required grip for detangling, styling and smoothing
• Super-smooth teeth prevent drag or friction
Product Care & Features:
• Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight
• Resistant to heat and chemicals
• Gloss finish
• Supplied in 100% recyclable card packs
• 9” or 225 mm in length