Line Of Duty - Denman Investigates Best Brushes To The Letter Of The Law

Calling all Line Of Duty fans! Filmed in Northern Ireland (Home to Denman Brushes), we have opened an AC-12 investigation into which brushes Denman would suggest as prime suspects for each individual. With the target of getting each character ready for duty whilst abiding by the 'Letter of the Law', we hope to use a CHIS to gather enough evidence to wrap this case up because there is only one thing we care about... and that is the best brushes!

Josh Woodman – Spring/Summer 2021 Hair Collection

In this exclusive interview with London senior stylist, Josh Woodman, Denman finds out what essential tools he keeps in his hairdressing kit as well as looking forward to the joys of being back in the salon post-lockdown. We are also delighted to share inspiration from Josh's new Spring/Summer 2021 hair collection - plenty to inspire your next trip to the salon!

Behind The Scenes with Hair & Make Up Artist, Gemma Hoff

Gemma Hoff is a hair and make up artist for many films and the designer of the 2021 film ‘Pieces of a woman’ starring the Golden Globe and Oscar nominated actress Vanessa Kirby.

With the Academy Awards ceremony being held this weekend, we go behind the scenes and find out how Gemma made her way into TV and Film and what it takes to look after leading ladies and gentlemen on set.

Spoiler alert - It includes some top Denman Products!

No Planet B – We Only Get One Shot To Protect Earth…It’s Time To Act!

Did you know that Thursday 22nd April 2021 is Earth Day? What better way to celebrate the beautiful world that we live in than for us to share our Denman sustainability journey with you. We hope that we can encourage each and every one of us to act responsibly when it comes to protecting the environment. After all, there’s no plan B for planet Earth!

BIG NEWS! D3 Wins InStyle Award!

Our lips have been sealed for the last month, but now we are super excited to share this amazing news with you! The Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row has been winning awards for decades, but what an honour it is to be selected for a 2021 InStyle Best Beauty Buys Award 😊 The ultimate brush for curl definition, blow-drying, styling and smoothing – everyone’s talking about the D3, especially on Tik Tok! Is there anything this fabulous brush cannot do?  

D3 Original Styler – Brush of the Month

This April, we shine the spotlight on the FAB-U-LOUS Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row, and talking of shine, did you know that our iconic Denman Original Stylers have been cleverly designed for deep cleaning? It’s like John Denman Dean (the main man who invented this wonderful, world-famous brush over 80 years ago) knew that a pandemic was going to hit in 2020 and we would be looking to sanitise everything within an inch of its life! Very clever man indeed!

D6 Handy Detangler - Happy 70th Birthday!

Originally known as the “Be-Bop” brush and winning awards for best design since the 1950s, this D6 Handy Detangler has 6 significant skills which have been helping hairdressers and their clients for decades. From wet detangling and scalp massaging, to curl defining and conditioner distribution, this veteran brush comes in iconic black plus 4 NEW fun colours, so you can have one for every member of your house!

World Autism Awareness Day!

Keep Calm & Trust Denman. Do you have an autistic child in desperate need of a haircut? We have all the ‘tried and tested’ advice in the run-up to that daunting salon visit. Plus, we are delighted to share Frankie’s story with you! Beautiful Frankie has Down’s Syndrome, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. As Denman’s Brand Ambassador, we have closely followed Frankie’s journey and are delighted that our Denman hairbrush has become ‘The Game Changer’ for Frankie and her mum, Donna <3

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the BEE-Holder!

Here at Denman, we are super excited about this new product launch as it represents something close to our hearts <3 Not only is the NEW Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Bees a BEE-autiful looking hairbrush, but we are donating 5% of each sale to the World Bee Project. Now that is exciting!

The Art of Technical Colouring

Fast and effective technical colouring has reached a new level with the Denman Precision Colouring Tools. Designed by international colour expert Jack Howard, the new range of Precision Colouring tools by Denman have been created to enhance and further the work of the serious colour technician.


For March, we have chosen the Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra as our 'Brush of the Month'. Known as the ultimate tangle buster on wet or dry hair, curly or straight, the Tangle Tamer Ultra is powerful enough to glide easily through any tough tangles or knots. Available in many different colours, as well as our 'Rainbow of Hope' design! 

Women are Power!

The Denman D38 Power Paddle brush reflects the softer side of the trusty D83 Paddle brush and combines it with the strength of the iconic D3 Original Styler - exactly the kind of brush we want to turn to on International Women’s Day. To celebrate all the strong women across the globe, we have launched a Limited Edition, Web Exclusive Denman D38 Power Paddle hairbrush with the unique design 'Strong is the new pretty'. 


Whether you want to spoil your mum and say thank you for everything she does or you are a mum who would love to treat herself to something special this Mother’s Day, Denman have put together some ideas that we know you’ll love <3

Solid As A Rock!

Russian Grey is the perfect colour to go with our decor this year and to remind us to remain strong throughout these challenging times. Solid as a rock springs to mind, and this could easily be describing a Denman brush - solid and dependable is everything that Denman stands for! Available in the iconic D3 Original Styler 7 Row and trusty D83 Paddle brush.

Have an Ice Day!

With a cool, crisp blue colour, the NEW Denman Nordic Ice brush collection will give you chilling results, making you and your hair look and feel amazing! Available in the iconic D3 Original Styler 7 Row and trusty D83 Paddle brush.

Brush of The Month - Head Huggers

For the month of February, we will be shining the spotlight on our Denman Head Hugger brushes. The hairbrushes with all the curves in the right places to give you maximum volume, root-lift and blow-drying speed. Give your head a well-deserved hug this month <3


Which brush is best for curly hair? Denman has the answers! Depending on curl type and curl pattern, we help you choose between different hairbrushes from the D3 Original Styler 7 Row to the D38 Power Paddle. Want fabulous curl definition? Your curls will never look better! Just take a look at Tik Tok sensations, Makenzie and Malia, beautiful natural curls are just a Denman brush away!

In the Wink of an Eye!

The number one tool in today's language of love - the 'wink'. In these challenging times, the art of flirting has been reduced to communicating with our eyes. With our Denman D3 Wink & Blink Original Styler 7 Row limited edition web exclusive brush, you can always rely on Denman to be make you feel special <3

THE Best Detangler for Fragile Hair or Sensitive Scalp

The Tangle Tamer Gentle has just been given a stylish make-over with the NEW Monochrome brushes! This wet and dry hair detangler is now available in classic two-tone black and white or in ultra-cool dual black. Perfect for gentle wet and dry detangling, fragile hair, sensitive scalps or children.


For the month of January, our brush focus is the Denman D200 Skeleton Vent. The perfect brush for creating extra volume and super-fast blow-drying. Ideal for men and women, and available in 3 colour choices.

Tame Your Mane!

It’s a jungle out there but one thing we know is this Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra can help tame our wild manes and leave us feeling courageous, powerful and strong...what's not to like?

Lady Denman's Society Papers

Lady Denman's society interview on the extraordinary hairstyles, and best Denman brushes and combs used on set during the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton

The D3 Tik Tok Phenomenon

The D3 Tik Tok Brush. It was only a matter of time before the world discovered the secret to incredible curls...the Denman D3 Original Styler aka THE CURL DEFINER. Watch the Tik Tok videos here.

Denman Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The countdown to Christmas has begun! If you are feeling festive or need a little something to get you in the Christmas spirit, just take a look at Denman’s guide to the perfect gifts this season. Whether you are buying for her, for him, for the little ones or just want a cute little stocking filler; your haircare needs are taken care of here at Denman!

Have You Got The Power?

Voted as the Best New Hair Styling Product at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020, the Denman Power Paddle gives you the trusted speed, comfort, and powerful styling that you want from a hairbrush.