It is true that we produce great brushes but it’s the hairdressers that produce the creativity.  We are constantly amazed at the sheer vision and innovation in hair that these artists come up with.  We are proud that Denman helps in some small way in the creative process and we want to help you by showcasing aspirational looks which can inspire and help you achieve #hairbrilliance


Koichi Ando

Creative Hairdresser & Educator

Paul Stafford

Creative Director

Brandon Messinger

Artistic Director / Head of Advanced Education


How to Clean your Denman

D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra - Wet and Dry Hair

D3 for blow drying short hair


Denman Sponsors ‘Your Hair Is Good Hair’ Exhibition

Congratulations to Sumaya Ali on her fantastic photography exhibition 'Your Hair Is Good Hair'. Denman is delighted to be celebrate Black History Month in October by supporting this wonderful event which showcases natural curl patterns and textures. We have all the right Denman brushes and combs to care for your hair and give you the freedom to explore your natural beauty.


Looking for all your haircare essentials in one place? Yes please! Denman’s beautiful ready-made beauty pouch haircare kits have it all! Choose from the Curls Curls Curls Collection which has been created with curl-specific tools to give you fabulous curl definition OR the Signature Styling Set which contains the perfect haircare tools for prepping, styling and finishing your hair. Supplied in a stunning embroidered beauty pouch - great for travel or a night-out! 

Royal Society for Blind Children - Haircare Workshop

In honour of World Sight Day (8th Oct), Denman are proud to collaborate with the Royal Society For Blind Children (RSBC) 'Sisterhood' initiative. This amazing haircare workshop was hosted by leading hairstylist, Anna Cofone, and supported with Denman hairbrushes. We find out which brushes work best for these young women and share a few tips on how to make salon visits easier for any visually impaired clients.

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