Love Island – This Brush Is A Bit Of You!

As exciting as it is to have Love Island back on our screens again… it’s getting close to decide who will be the 2021 Love Island Winning Couple! Let’s take a look at some of the contestants and see what Denman brushes we suspect they have been ‘cracking on’ with in the villa.

With blasting heat from the Mediterranean climate alongside the chlorine filled pool, Millie’s bob hairstyle could easily become dry and frizzy… our Denman D6 Be Bop Handy Detangler Brush would be ideal for massaging her scalp in the shower. It not only is amazing at detangling wet hair but evenly distributes conditioner throughout the hair to give a fabulous shine.

Love Island Millie

Kaz has shown us a flawless range of different hairstyles from poker straight locks to thick, defined curls. She clearly has been using our Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra for wet and dry detangling and to look after her wigs and natural hair!

Love Island Kaz

The Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra brush also comes in a special Islander edition for any super fans out there! 😊 With trending 'I've Got A Text!' print, this bright pink detangler is set to 'turn heads'!

Denman D90L Islander

While our iconic Denman D3 Original Styler would be Toby’s ‘100% type on paper’ for curl definition… we imagine that he doesn’t ‘put all his eggs in one basket’ and may also use a Denman D73 Gentle Curling Brush to style his curls throughout the day.

Love Island Toby

Liberty’s long locks would certainly benefit from our Award-Winning Denman D38 Power Paddle for blow-drying, styling and detangling her hair. Those effortless, smooth beach waves would certainly keep reminding Jake that he’s found ‘the one’.

Love Island Liberty

With all the ‘grafting’ that Liam has been doing with Millie, he’s got very little time to spend on his hair! That’s why the Denman D200 Skeleton Vent is the perfect brush for Liam’s quick-dry, style and go routine.

Love Island Liam

So, stay tuned for the Love Island final and let’s hope no one gets ‘mugged off’ before then!