For the month of January, our brush focus is the Denman D200 Skeleton Vent. The perfect brush for creating extra volume and super-fast blow-drying. Ideal for men and women, and available in 3 colour choices.

D200 Skeleton Vent

This month, we turn up the Volume on this well deserving Denman Classic.  Perfect to lift your mood as well as your roots. So if you’re feeling a little flat with all the restrictions, make sure your hair keeps you smiling.

The D200 makes you blow-dry faster so you’ll have more time for baking and zoom quizzes! The ball-ended pins are flexible which make it stimulating yet gentle on your scalp - because we’ve all been through enough recently.

D200 Female

With less trips to the salon or barbershop, we need to look after our hair more than ever and this brush distributes product evenly, separates curls and makes ends look alive! Plus there’s the added bonus that it’s made from a single moulded piece making it hygienic and easy to clean. Simply wash it in warm soapy water and it’s as good as new!

 D200 Male

This brush is so versatile and ideal for men and women, but there’s no chance of mixing up the brushes in your household as it comes in three colours - Black, White and Pewter.

 D200 Colours

The perfectly sized brush to slip into your gym kit or handbag.