Happy Mother's Day

Are you looking for something extra special for Mother’s Day this year?  Well, look no further because Denman has the perfect, unique gift that is guaranteed to make your Mum smile.

Handmade cards and breakfast in bed are both really lovely ways to show your Mum you love her but imagine if you could personalise her very own Denman hairbrush? Whether it’s a family photo, some artwork or one of your Mum’s best quotes, you can get creative and design your own exclusive gift as the best surprise. 

Choose between the D83 Paddle white brush and the D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra white brush and we will print your design on the back and present it in a beautiful Denman gift box.

The Paddle brush shape is great for straightening and styling and suitable for all hair types and lengths.  The ball-ended tips on nylon pins are set into an air cushioned pad to keep the hair damage-free when styling.

The D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra is a powerful detangling hairbrush, which is great for removing tough knots and tangles.  The expertly designed super-strength nylon bristles allow the brush to glide through knots and tangles and reduce catch and drag.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect brush to suit your Mother’s haircare needs, you could add this stunning embroidered beauty pouch which is the perfect size for all her haircare collection and can even double up as a travel bag for trips away or nights out.

Help your Mum achieve her hair goals by taking advantage of our latest offer of 20% off with the code HAIRGOALS20 lasting until 10th April so you can enjoy the discount even if you’re a little late for Mother’s Day.

But if making decisions is best left to your Mum you can always slip a gift card inside your handmade card for her to choose for herself.