Step Into Spring With The D4 Kyoto Cherry Blossom!


The Japanese love to celebrate and cherish the cherry blossom tree, the symbolic flower of spring, which symbolises human life, transience and nobleness.


People celebrate the flowering of cherry blossoms by moving outdoors and holding Hanami picnics under the trees. These gatherings can be outings with family members, friends, or colleagues. At night time, people bring along beer, sake, and even karaoke sets with them to hold cheerful, often rowdy parties.

With the blossoms having such a short lifespan, the tree’s beauty peaks around two weeks before the blossoms start to fall but with this brush your beauty will blossom and bloom more and more as you party your way through spring and beyond.

The D4 is the ultimate multi-functional brush and can take care of all your hair care needs so you can look blooming marvellous.

The sculpted round-ended nylon pins shape hair and define curls when your hair is wet. The nine rows of pins and larger head accommodate more voluminous or longer hair and provide increased grip, while the styling edges of the half-round brush create tension when shaping the hair during blow-drying.

The cherry blossom reminds us that we all live for a short time and the time we have or share with loved ones is precious so remember to live life to the full with your very own Kyoto cherry blossom Denman hairbrush.