Brush of The Month - Head Huggers

For the month of February, we will be shining the spotlight on our Denman Head Hugger brushes. The hairbrushes with all the curves in the right places to give you maximum volume, root-lift and blow-drying speed. Give your head a well-deserved hug this month <3

As hugging our loved ones becomes more and more of a distant memory these days, we can always treat our head to a hug with this Denman Head Hugger brush range. 

Denman Head Huggers

They have an hourglass-shaped barrel that is specially designed to hug the contours of the head meaning that you can get the brush right into the roots of the hair, creating extra volume and root lift.

The barrels are ceramic coated, helping them retain heat - meaning that you can style effectively without needing to apply excessive heat and risk damaging your hair.

The Head Huggers also have crimped bristles which not only give you better grip and control when styling, but they are also kinder to the scalp.

The velvet-touch handles feel luxurious and are more comfortable, giving you added control too.

Head Huggers - Perfect for Blow-Drying

Denman Head Huggers come in 4 sizes: 25mm, 33mm, 43mm and there is one for all hair types and styles!

Denman Head Huggers